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Selected Hymns

Even before I became a Christian, I was singing in choirs and as a soloist. But when I became a Christian I knew that my voice should be dedicated to the glory of God and not for any worldly entertainment.

My love of music has therefore developed as one discovers more and more sacred hymns, the words of which need to be set to appropriate musical settings.

My first collection of some 67 hymns

However, it was not until a period of hospitalisation (referred to in this first selection) that I discovered that the Lord has inspired me to write new and refreshing words which I have set to classical tunes.  (the tune reference 'CHxxx' refers to the hymn tunes as found in 'Christian Hymns' which we regularly use in my home Church. 

If there are any musicians out there who would like to compose any more modern setting to my words then please feel free.

Click here to download the .pdf file.

A selection of hymns for Communion

This second collection I have published as a prayerful preparation for approaching our regular Communion Service or 'Breaking of Bread'.

As much as our Communion Service is a time of recognising the words of the 'institution' of this meal, I feel that it is important to try and understand the wider implications of our meeting together in a time of genuine sharing of this 'Gospel Feast'.

Click here to download the .pdf file.

Soon, I hope to list here some of the many wonderful hymns (or poems) of Edith Cherry.