Broadmead Way Community Church

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Which version of the Bible or Hymn Book do you use?

Choice of Bible:
The word of God is very special to us but unless you are an expert in Greek and Hebrew we must settle for something which is a bit easier to read! 

For more on the Bible and what it means for Christians please click here.

For public reading and study we find that the NIV (New International Version) is generally accepted as the most popular version and is used by most of us in the congregation (as well as the preacher). 

Some still stick to the old Authorised Version and others sometimes use the ESV (English Standard Version).  But usually the preacher is aware of any problematic differences and will readily explain any difficulties.

Choice of Hymn Book:
We do work from a variety of hymn books, but the one we generally use for public worship is 'Songs of Victory'.  This simple, easy to read, book has a whole range of hymns and songs including many old favourites.

Occasionally we might choose hymns and songs from other sources but we always try to make things easy for our visitors.