Broadmead Way Community Church

We preach Christ crucified, resurrected and alive today!

  • 90 Broadmead Way
  • West Benwell
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE15 6TS

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Christian Celebrations:  First let us be aware that 'Celebrations' are not a specifically Biblical requirement of the Church today, apart from one special command of our Lord Jesus Christ (see the link for 'Communion').  But throughout the year there are times which Christians see as very special.  They may not always be times of great fun and excitement.  Some are recognised as solemn occasions for thought and meditation.  Throughout the history of God's chosen people, there have been occasions when it has been right and proper to celebrate the Lord's goodness towards us all. A typical example might be the occasion when the Israelites had crossed over the Jordan into the Promised Land.  (see Joshua Ch 4) The pile of stones was both a memorial and a celebration - not to be forgotten. 

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