Broadmead Way Community Church

We preach Christ crucified, resurrected and alive today!

About Us:

Established in about 1958, we have maintained a regular witness in the area ever since.  As an 'evangelical' church we believe that our primary aim should be to proclaim the 'good news' concerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  As a Bible-believing Church we therefore live our lives and maintain the witness of our Church as a matter of faith.  One popular phrase which could describe us is: 'Saved to Serve'

For us the Christian message is as relevant to us now as it has ever been.  For instance the ten commandments are as relevant today although the language might need updating.

That is why we place such an emphasis on 'preaching'.  Our speakers spend much time in carefully and prayerfully preparing messages which we might term a 'teaching ministry'.  As a Church, and as individuals, we are taught what the scriptures say on so many topics that are relevant for us today. See 2Timothy 3:16