Broadmead Way Community Church

We preach Christ crucified, resurrected and alive today!

Your local church, meeting the needs of local people particularly in the West Benwell area !

Where is the church?

On the main menu 'find us' is a fairly good place to start or click here.

But for those who know the general area we are at the very top of Broadmead Way, just before the junction with Whickham View.

Bus Routes:

If coming from Benwell then use the numbers 30 and 31 which stops on Elswick Road, getting off at the bottom of Ferguson's Lane, (or the top of Broadmead Way). 

If coming from the West Road use the number 38.

If coming from town use any of the above plus the number 36 which goes through Spittal Tongues and Fenham getting off at Whickham View.  This bus starts off opposite the Old Eldon Square.

Hope this is a help,


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