Broadmead Way Community Church

We preach Christ crucified, resurrected and alive today!

Your local church, meeting the needs of local people particularly in the West Benwell area !

Do you realise that it is almost five years since all the  new bungalows around our church were fully occupied.  More news about events for the new year coming soon!

Getting ready to distribute our 'Welcome Packages'.

Above is a photo from earlier in 2018 when we were preparing to distribute a 'Welcome Package' to all the residents as they moved in.

Buildings Completed, dated 1/12/18:

Bungalows on Whickham View

Bungalows at Whickham View (more)

Bungalows on Broadmead Way

Bungalows on Broadmead Way

Bungalows on Yewcroft Avanue May 2018

Bungalows on Yewcroft Avenue (more)