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Communion:  also known as 'The Breaking of Bread' or 'The Lord's Supper'.  This is the only 'Celebration' that we are commanded to observe (see Luke 22).  Luke describes this act in some detail, giving us some sense of the common fellowship they shared (see Acts 2:42). Paul also writes of his understanding of this special event. (see 1 Corinthians 11

It should be noted that this Celebration, whatever we call it, is special and should only be participated in by believing Christians.  In many such services there is a warning or declaration that those who 'come to the table' should be Born again Believers and also that they should be in a right standing both within their Church fellowship and also before their wider community. (see 1Cor.11:27-29)

This 'memorial feast' has been re-enacted down through the centuries with very little deviation from the original descriptions that we have as in the scriptures quoted above.  The only variation is that of 'regularity'.  In some Churches the Communion Service is held every week, usually integrated into one of the Sunday services.  For other Churches they might hold a Communion Service once a month,  or even, rarely, once every six months!  - The only guidance we have is 'whenever you do this, do it in remembrance of Me'. ( 1 Cor 11:25)  A much longer article may be of interest to some:  here.