Broadmead Way Community Church

We preach Christ crucified, resurrected and alive today!

  • 90 Broadmead Way
  • West Benwell
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE15 6TS

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Why Easter?  Many people have little understanding of what Easter is all about.  The story of the crucifixion is quite appalling and the disciples, family and friends of Jesus must have been quite stunned by all the horrible events - but then everything changed!

Good Friday  is a time when Christians reflect on the events that happened when the disciples and others were expecting a good family time at the Jewish Passover celebrations.   It is no coincidence that the crucifixion happened at this time!  - The bottom had been knocked out of their world!

Easter Day  - our Sunday,  is a day of surprising revelations; a fast moving day of all sorts of surprises.  For Christians it is THE day when all doubts and fears can be thrown aside as we celebrate the life of the living Lord Jesus who motivates our whole purpose for living.  Come and find out more!